Insensitive Munitions Testing

COTEC staff have extensive experience with carrying out a range of Insensitive Munitions tests in accordance with the relevant NATO standards. The IM tests that can be carried out by COTEC are below

  • Fast Heating (FH) – STANAG/AOP 4240
  • Slow Heating (SH) – STANAG/AOP 4382
  • Bullet Impact (BI) – STANAG/AOP 4241
  • Light Fragment Impact – STANAG/AOP 4496
  • Shaped Charge Jet Impact (SCJI) – STANAG/AOP 4526
  • Sympathetic Reaction – STANAG 4396

This gives an IM signature based on the types of reaction seen from each test (Type I to Type V). Should you have a requirement to perform a different IM test than those listed above, please contact us

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