UN Hazard Classification

COTEC can carry out a full suite of Hazard Classification tests and produce detailed technical reports for submission to the Competent Authority.  If required, COTEC staff can submit CAD application forms and support the process of obtaining a Hazard Classification.  In addition, COTEC staff have travelled abroad to witness and report on testing prior to successfully submitting CAD applications to the HSE.

COTEC is well equipped to carry out a wide range of UN Hazard Classification tests in accordance with the United Nations Transport of Dangerous Goods, Manual of Tests and Criteria. Our customers have consisted of market leaders such as Martin Baker

COTEC routinely carry out:

  • UN Series 4 (b) (ii) – 12m drop test for unpackaged articles, packaged articles and packaged substances
  • UN Series 6 (b) – Stack Test of packaged articles
  • UN Series 6 (c) – External fire (bonfire) test

Other tests can be performed. To enquire about our ability to carry out tests other than those listed above, please contact us

COTEC staff’s expertise in UN Hazard Classification testing is also sought abroad. This is a UN Series 6(c) external bonfire test carried out by COTEC staff in Abu Dhabi

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