High Altitude Test Facility

COTEC can carry out a wide range of environmental tests in accordance with Mil-Standard 810, and by extension Def-Standard 00-35.

High Altitude Chamber

The High-Altitude Test Facility is a 100m³ test chamber that can be depressurised to around 6kPa. A wide range of energetic and non-explosive items can be tested in this chamber with the provision to power CCTV cameras to monitor the events in real time within the chamber.

Explosive Atmosphere Chamber

Also situated at the High-Altitude Test Facility is a smaller chamber with a total length of 4.4m and a diameter of 0.7m. This chamber is in a modular configuration that can split into smaller sections to fit our customers’ requirements.

Other Capabilities

Here at COTEC, there is also the ability to construct bespoke test chambers so if you require a modified facility, or more information on the standards we perform to, please contact us

The Tests we Perform Routinely are:

Mil-Standard 810 Low Pressure (Altitude)

  • Procedure 1 – Storage/Air Transport
  • Procedure 3 – Rapid Decompression

Mil-Standard 810 Explosive Atmosphere

  • Procedure 1 – Operation in an Explosive Atmosphere

Shown here is an example of a bespoke test chamber constructed by COTEC staff for a rapid decompression requested by Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

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